We believe a successful design is a collaboration that blends what you want with our knowledge of what works. Our design services include:


We first do a careful site analysis of your property paying close attention to soils, drainage, exposure, wind currents, angle of slope and any structures or large trees affecting your garden. We work with the architecture of your home and surrounding neighborhood to create a landscape design that looks at home in your setting.

We interview our clients to gain an understanding of how they wish to use their outdoor space both now and in the future.  We try to create a sanctuary to be enjoyed on many levels over time.


We do working drawings on paper to communicate and explore design options with our clients.  Landscape design is a process and it is best to investigate lots of design options before construction begins. So think outside the box initially and we will work with you toward practical application of all of our ideas as we approach installation.


We work with you and your budget knowing full well the temptation to grow the project and to “have it all.” If it makes sense to do a project in phases  because of costs we will guide you in that process. Since we both design and install our projects we have a good understanding of relative costs and can guide you and help keep your fantasies in line with your budget.