We invite you to enjoy the benefits of working with people who are passionate about plants.


Having grown  plants in the bay area for over 25 years I have an experience based approach to choosing plants for your particular micro-climate whether it is in the east bay, Contra Costa County or in the Napa Valley.  I love plants and am willing to experiment with you. My crew understands best planting practices and together we have the true success of your garden at heart. We tend to get much of the punch and movement in the garden from various colors and textures of foliage.  Most people do not have the time to be deadheading or planting annuals.  We want you to enjoy your garden and not be a slave to the maintenance of it. Of course…….it is almost impossible to resist flowers and we don’t.


We use drip irrigation where practical and smart irrigation controllers in order to automatically adjust  garden watering to the weather in order to save on your water bill. The “smart” part of your new controller will be put to use after the first year once your garden has settled in as all new plantings  take consistent watering to establish. I think this is a win/win approach for the client, the garden and the planet.