N Katano

The first garden Jane made for me, in Los Angeles, was a sanctuary. You stepped off the busy street into a world with softly bowing acacia cognata trees ("like green hair moving in the wind" is how she described them), splashing water, climbing roses and all manner of bushes and flowers. The new garden in Sonoma, with its large planter boxes and raised beds, has people stopping at my door to tell me how inviting it is. Jane's knowledge and love of plants, coupled with her spatial, sculptural eye results in gardens that are surprising, graceful and poetic, containing both elegance and whimsy.

J Erwin

I grew up in a garden designed, coaxed and honored by Jane. What our family received in addition to the pleasure of her low maintenance, joyful personality is a living work of art. Every window in my parent's house frames an ever-changing portrait of a garden as it evolves in color and texture through the seasons. Jane paints with flowers and foliage. [She is a] warm [person] who you'd expect to find doing earthy things like tending gardens and the people who own them. Best of all (her) humanity is complemented by an eye for good design and an extraordinary eye for color and texture. ………….So many times I have walked out into a space in my parent's garden that I was in only the day before, but on the next day it looked totally different because something sprouted or something bloomed or something changed color...on those occasions I wish Jane [was a fly] on a tree branch overhead, so [she] could see how much these little surprises that (she has) planned ahead of time delight and tickle [her] clients.

L and D Kahn

Jane [has] a level of expertise that has exceeded our expectations. [Her] work was both creative and thorough. The many steps of our project were planned, even to the point of presenting us with various mock-ups, discussed and then well executed. [She was] available and attentive-on top of every detail. Besides [her] depth of knowledge and excellent performance, [she has] been delightful to work with.

Sharon and Barclay S

In the years that Jane has both developed and then cared for our sizeable gardens, our extended family and our many visitors have spontaneously expressed both recognition and appreciation of the beauty and craftsmanship of [her] work. Working with [her] is so fun and easy and we get such ongoing pleasure from our garden.

R Bash

As a designer and builder, I have a keen appreciation for design talent and construction ability. My wife and I enjoyed the collaborative process with Jane’s great design sense, [and] her encyclopedic memory for plants. Our project went smoothly from beginning to end and what an end result. Wonderful!